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Wedding Tips for your Wedding in Goa

Make Your Goa Wedding Successful With Our Wedding Tips

A very special day in your life, a day that will always be remembered, cherished and memories that will last for a life time. Yea! It’s your wedding day, your big and the biggest event most of you people will ever plan, enjoy or endure it. No doubt you will find an end number of books and loads and loads of information noted down about wedding or how to plan your wedding filled with endless wedding tips but this site will give you added information for all your wedding needs.

Be smart enough and think wisely, that this is the first time you are going to plan your wedding. So to avoid any confusion think when you are going to start planning your wedding and think of your budget as to how much you are going to spend on your wedding. If you have enough, spend the amount wisely.

1. Remember! Your wedding is like a grand event, though this will sound a bit stupid but this is a fact! You slog almost a year ahead planning and trying your best to see that everything is put up very elegantly and in the right place only for the sake of your invites, even if it cost you a lot you will make sure that. So here are a few wedding tips for you. Forget about everyone and focus more on the women who are going to attend your wedding and make sure that you impress this particular lot and that will bring success to your wedding.

2. There are somethings you will not be able to compromise, so where you have to spend you will have to blow some notes and think it’s a real waste of money that cant be helped but don’t panic since now a days both the families are equally involved in sharing the cost of the wedding expenditure.

3. There is a saying that nothing guarantees success, but if there is lack of planning than you will definitely guarantee gloomy failure. So plan, plan and plan for every possible detail that you come across making sure you have made a complete checklist. If you start your planning very early than you will have more options for everything and you could even re-negotiate with some of your vendors.

4. Now comes the fixing of the wedding date, you will have to consider somethings when planning your wedding date. A few things that you will require to keep in mind are:

a) The wedding season, how will the weather treat you?

b) Whether all your friends and relatives can make it for your wedding, or will they be caught up with their busy schedule that will interfere with your date. Think of the most important people you would not want to miss out for your wedding.

c) Check if there is no other event that will clash with your wedding date that may cause confusion with traffic patterns around your wedding reception or location, eg. If your planning to have your wedding around carnival season then you will face problems if its in your town since there will be a lot of noise pollution and crowd that will disturb your wedding environment.

d) Check when earliest your friends and relatives can come before your wedding to avoid any travelling problems. For eg. If you’re getting married in Dec. then due to Christmas season there may be limited tickets for that period.

5. After you have your wedding date in mind, find out the wedding hall you would wish to get married. If the wedding hall is available then you’re very luck to have the one you wish. Since people normally book them a year in advance.

6. Start asking for quotations with your wedding bands, wedding DJ’s, wedding florists, wedding caterers etc. and take in writing whatever is been discussed, find out any hidden charges or additional charges for transportations and stuff so that later there should be no change.

7. Coming to your wedding photography, now here you will have to be very specific. Tell him approximately how many photographs you would want to be clicked. There are photographers who will capture every step you take and then have loads of photographs given to you and a big fat bill too. If you have a budget set aside for photography then you must tell him how many photographs will be required. If more photographs are clicked then for how much will he be charging you for each copy.

8. Personalize your wedding ceremony as far as possible. Try not to fall into excess: such as three or four voice solos, giving away memorized speeches or singing songs to each other or praising each other. Your emotions will sneak up on you, no matter how calm you are even through a wedding rehearsal the night before. There will be very few couples who will blubber uncontrollably at the moment they are under pressure to face each other and perform. Remember! A wedding is a grand show, and you have to see to the overall performance.

9. During the nuptials if you have plan to have a friend or relative taking part in the mass, as far as reading is concern during the ceremony please have a rehearsal reading to check for mispronounced words and clarity. And for the love of all, make it short!

10. At the church, after the nuptials is over, instead of asking all your scattered friends and relatives to gather for photography, keep a friend or relative in charge of whom you would like to take photographs with. This will avoid all the confusion about running around calling each one for a photograph and wasting precious time. Your guests will be waiting for your photography to get over and wish you. Keep in mind that your wedding is not over.

11. Don’t forget to take the advice of the groom so that he has some involvement in the planning, even if his advice is not considered.

12. Avoid all the fights you will come across during the time of arguments and discussions for your wedding since it will only spoil your mood.

13. Remember! This wedding is also joining of two different entire families so respect each others views and if you both are coming from different religion or background than celebrate each side’s uniqueness and highlight the things in common.

14. It is very much important for the mothers to understand that this is YOUR wedding. There are some mothers who will want it their way, in this situation the best thing for you to do is, back off and think carefully and as logically as possible. Where ever it is possible try and contribute some details if you want to see your mother's satisfaction and make you feel happy rather than getting it your own way. But, if it's something that you really want it the way your heart says than, go ahead and cry desperately till you get your own way.

15. Now that you’re done with your big day, you will want to plan your honeymoon, don’t make a mistake of planning it immediately since you both will be very tired so don't plan to leave on your honeymoon immediately. This invites disappointment and ill feelings since both of you will be extremely exhausted right after the wedding. Wait a few days, open gifts, sleep in late, slow down and rest before you pack and take off on your honeymoon.

16. To windup - patience is the key to success, so have lot of patience so plan, plan and plan, write down the details and as far as possible try to divide the work into teams, cooperate where and when needed and try to start planning at least a year ahead to organize yourself. Remember one thing, never assume anything, check for yourself and double check for all possible snags and emergencies. Have a foresight of unwanted situation that may crop up, be prepared to overcome these IF & WHEN they happen!

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