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    Goan Culture Wedding Theme

    When you think of Goa, it just reminds you of the cool breeze blowing into your face, sea shells laying on the sand and boats in the distant horizon.

    What if you and your partner was born and brought up in Goa and fell in love on the beautiful Goan shores?? Honoring this paradise you wished that your wedding theme would be all about Goa. Wow!!! I would indeed say it’s an excellent idea.

    Let’s get into a little bit of dept with some of the ideas for this theme. First things first, when you think of Goa what are some of the things that would first pop into your head, naturally its rich culture, beautiful beaches and excellent Goan cuisine. A combo of all these three would help you with your BIG DAY theme.

    First the wedding invitation, I believe in recycle and recycle invitation also send a message, lets keep Goa clean. Imagine a recycled white paper with a scenic picture of the church where you two are going to marry in the background with an outline of silver. The sun rising on side of the card with the beautiful coconut palms swaying on the other side. The entire wedding invitation written in black on this beautiful background. Simply amazing, simply different ! The background can be anything rather, ranging to a beautiful beach scene to a village scene.

    Moving on to the brides wedding car, her bridesmaid and the deco at the church. I always believed that black looks sleek. The bridal wedding car for me would be a black long one rather then a white one. Some of the things that can come on the car would be Rovadem beautiful decorated with flowers around it. Rovadem ( the circular coconut fiber stand for hot earthern pots, used traditionally in Goan homes ) being circular gives the shape of a wreath, such small wreath can be neatly arranged on the bridal car, flowers made in shapes of Jasmine, the Gulmohar or the Bouganvilla (all neatly made using tissue paper or butter paper) can be used for the flower decoration.

    The color of the bridemaid dresses and the flowers in the church could be light shades of blue which signifies the water seen all around Goan beaches or shades of Green, signifying the lush green paddy fields seen around its Goan villages.

    Thinking of flowers that are mostly seen around Goa, the beautiful Bouganvilla is one such flower that we usually fail to admire its beauty, If you observe closely they form a beautiful bunch, flowing downwards. The pews of the church could be dressed in the beautiful white bougainvilleas that flow form the top of the pew to the center. If the color for the church selected is green, then the flowers used in the church would be only white, if the white flowers with green leaves would keep it simple and nice. If the color in the church selected are shades of blue, then the flowers in the church could be light shades of blue mixed with a little of white. The bridesmaid dresses would be again, shades of blue or shades of green depending on the color chosen ( have a look at the pic’s above). The bridal bouquet can range from a simple flowing white orchids mixed with a little of ferns to a simple blue flowered one. The pic would give you an idea.

    A step ahead, the wedding reception. It is suggested that such a wedding would have to be held in the evening so that the reception can really be enjoyed along Goa’s beautiful shores. The perfect reception is to have it down by the beach or a place where we have the Goan tradition still kept on, one such place is the restaurant Nostalgia in Lotulim, a beautiful restaurant with all the Goan artifacts kept around.

    Having a reception down the beach is a wonderful chance to end this day in a great manner. Decoration down the beach could be as simple as having tables and chairs arranged in groups of four all around. The path of the bride and groom can be beautifully decorated on the sand with leaves and candles or small light bulbs. There can be torches of fire draped in flowers. The colour of the flowers could depend on the color selected for the church flowers if it is green, then a combo of white flowers with green leaves would look simple and cool. If shades of blue then, flowers could be light blue with a little white in it. The entire pathway can be filled with shells or small pebbles, the borders of the path way could have waves, surfing boat etc.

    What about the wedding cake? Has anyone tried a sun, a white sun, right in the center of the table? The table beautifully dressed with different types of shells, a little sand and playing trawler boats? The guest invited can be allowed to feel really comfortable by getting into clothes meant for the beach. A room can be reserved for the gents and the ladies to just chill and change their church ware.

    Wedding reception can be held indoors if one wishes. The entire wedding dance floor could be having some of the Goan musical instruments such as the Ghumot, violin, etc hanging. The guest could even be treated to a evening of Dhulpods and Mandos.

    Along the area where the buffet is arranged you could have thermocol made Dholau, Sup, fishes, Eathern pots etc.

    The souvenir of the table could be a boat made out of shell, painted in white with a short note of thanks. Other types of souvenirs kept could be a small traditional Goan Sup ( the object that used to be used to clean rice, etc) along with the traditional Dholau (spoon for stirring a typical Goan curry) with a little bit of shimmer and of course not forgetting the vote of thanks.

    And for those brides having their weddings along he the beach what if you had a boat waiting for you to just sweep you off your feet and take you away to the distant horizon, on your way for that perfect honeymoon. Not bad uuhh ! ?

    For more idea you can contact me at \n friendlynads@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will be more then willing to help out.

    Keep reading this space for more unique ideas. Cheers

    Nadia Fernandes
    Miramar - Goa

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