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The Backwaters - The only Waterside Kazar ( Wedding ) venue in Panaji
Waterside Landscaped Venue for Weddings, Anniversaries & Parties.

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Near St.Francis Xavier Chapel, Portais, Mala,
Panaji - Goa.

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The Backwaters is a very well landscaped venue. It is a waterside venue . It lies on the banks of the backwaters having a massive length of approximately 60 meters. It is decorated with a well lit floating jetty. The venue is partially landscaped with lawns and houses a massive dance floor. There is a gazebo at the venue which houses the bride – bridegroom or the birthday host, which is placed in such a way that you have a scenic water view in its background. It is frequently visited by birds of different rare species.

The venue also boasts of the largest free parking space in the city of Panaji. There is a space allocated for a bar or any other counter which is in the shape of a typical Goan Portuguese House.

Also the décor of the venue revolves around the well lit hoadi (ancestral fishing boat) and a dummy water well. This venue is designed especially for kazars and is also used for birthdays, parties etc

The Backwaters decorated with antique Goan lamps & lanterns and the lawns are lit with lovely Victorian lamps. The venue by itself does not need any additional décor hence the party host may save substantial amount that he would have spent on the décor . The venue can have 350 to 650 chairs in a round table seating arranged and more than 2000 chairs in theatre style arrangement.

The Hash House
The Backwaters venue is associated with The Hash House which is featured with the mist system . This mist system helps to drop the temperature by 8‘C . The hash House many a times is used to lay buffet. Also it is used as an independent venue for parties especially in the rainy season since it is covered. This is also a water side venue.

Special About Backwaters
• The only water side venue in Panaji ideal for Weddings, Reception Parties & Birthday Celebrations.
• Beautifully landscaped and decorated with an ancestral well onstage and houses a massive dance floor.
• The hoddem (small Goan boat), a floating jetty and victorian lights.
• The Hash House, an extension of The Backwaters, serves as a covered area ideal to lay the buffet and may come helpful incase of sudden rains.
• It is provided with mist system being used for the first time in any banquet venue in Goa. Helpful in dropping down the temperature especially in the afternoon.
Venues for all occasions.
Parties from 40 pax - 6000 pax

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